Innovative ICT Enterprise Brand

Ruijie Networks has developed 8 product lines including switches, wireless, cloud class, routers, security, gateway, IT management and authentication & accounting. Ruijie has 6 R&D centers, 41 branch offices and over 8,000 channel partners extending across 30 countries in industries such as government, telecommunications, finance, education, transportation, hospitality and more.

About Ruijie

Innovative ICT Enterprise Brand

Top 3 China enterprise-class
networking vendors

Over 35% compound growth for
15 continuous years

Founded in 2000, 41 branches, 6
R&D centers

5,000+ employees, 8,000+
channel partners

8 product lines, service covering
30+ countries and regions

Top 2 market share in China
Enterprise WLAN market

Independent R&D and Continuous Innovation

Innovative ICT Enterprise Brand


Sales revenue reinvestment
in R&D


R&D budgets reinvestment in


Personnel engaged in R&D

6 R&D centers located in Fuzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Tianjin and Suzhou

In-depth and comprehensive technical cooperation with manufacturers such as Broadcom, Marvell, Qualcomm, Intel, and TI

The advanced R&D management system standardizes and institutionalizes the whole process from project approval to mass production.

Nearly 2,000 patent applications for invention